A Thousand and One Nights .. An evening of Andalusian Muwashahat with Sufi tones on Al-Hamra Theater in Damascus

(ST)- The audience of Alhamra Theater  lived an Andalusian night rich in art and culture with the theme  of " A Thousand and One Nights". The evening  included a wonderful collection of Andalusian Muwashahat and Qudud Halabiya.

The musical evening started with classical music that carried the audience back to the time of Andalusian civilization . A Thousand and One Nights was played by the Awtarband  led by Moataz Al-Nabulsi.

A collection  of Qudud Halabiya  were  performed by Khaled Abu Samra with a new distribution, including the most beautiful songs of the great artist Sabah Fakhri. The concert  also included the Mawlawiya Sufi dance.

The evening presented a wonderful mixture of many types of music such as Andalusian singingand Qudud Halabiyawith sufi tones.