Syria-Donbass exhibition of documentary photographs opened in Moscow

The Department of National Policy and Regional Relations in the Municipality of Moscow has opened an exhibition of documentary photographs entitled "Syria Donbass" as part of the international project "Terrorism, a threat to human civilization" with the support of the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA, Russia Today and the Russian Writers Union.

The exhibition, which was organized in cooperation with the Presidential Administration of the Donetsk People's Republic, the Presidential Administration of the Lugansk People's Republic and the Rossar Foundation, included paintings by Russian painters and children and photographs given by SANA documenting the scale of the destruction caused by the Terrorist organizations to hospitals, schools and economic infrastructure in Syria and also depicting the destruction, victims and suffering due to the war in the popular Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

In the opening speech, Head of the Department of National Policy and Regional Relations Vitaly Sutchkov said "The exhibition tells the story of the Syrian people and the people of Donbass, who have been subjected to a severe ordeals and have been victims of Takfiri radicalism ideology”, noting that this exhibition has come to reveal to visitors the reality of what has happened in Syria and Donbas since 2011 and 2014 to the present day.

For her part, Deputy Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of Lugansk Anna Soroka said that the reality told by the exhibition is monitored by press cameras and innocent children to convey to future generations the dark mentality, adding that this exhibition confirms at the same time another fact that manifests in the man's strong attachment to his homeland and in his willingness to sacrifice for protecting it.

"It is difficult for the exhibition or even the media to tell all of the truth about the tragedies that have afflicted the Syrian people by terrorists, but they can shed light on the most important ones, as wars cannot be tolerated at all," Soroka said in an interview with SANA’s correspondent in Moscow.

Alexander Berdnikov, chairman of the Committee for the Development of Ethnic Cultural Relations in the Council of Nationalities in Moscow, said that the themes of the war on Syria and Donbas have been combined because we have been watching for many years what happen in Syria as well as near our borders on the Ukrainian territory in Donbas." He pointed to the sponsorship of World Zionism and its support for terrorist organizations that serve its agendas in dividing the world.

President of the Ukrainian Diaspora Society in Moscow Sergei Bentleiyev underlined the importance of this exhibition in revealing the suffering of the Syrian people and the people of Donbass as a result of the war on them, adding that "the disclosure of the facts about the bloody events which are currently taking place in Syria and Donbass can contribute to the transition to a peaceful life".

Representatives of the Syrian Embassy in Moscow and a large crowd of Russian citizens, official and social figures attended the opening of the exhibition.

Inas Abdulkareem