Calligraphy: a manifestation of Sufism

Damascus (ST)_ The Arab Cultural center in Damascus hosted a calligraphy exhibition, entitled "Letter and color manifestations" by Alia Al-Nouaimi. The Exhibition included 33 calligraphic paintings presenting the beauty of Arabic letters. It celebrates calligraphy as one of the most powerful artistic forms for highlighting the brilliance of written symbols reflecting our national heritage taken from Sufism.

The aim of this Exhibition is to shed light on calligraphy as an indigenous element to be used in contemporary design with geometric forms using Sufi quotations to express spirituality.

In her sixth solo exhibition, Alia Al-Nouaimi said to Syriatimes: "I present a number of topics inspired from poetry and Sufism to express my passion and inner feelings.  In some painting I use bright and shining colours, whereas in others frigid colours according to the painting theme." she added.

 The painter chose paintable letters from the Arabic alphabet, for example points over Arabic letters are a representation of the Divine self (God) and is usually drawn with gold water. Alia use acrylic and oil colours techniques to obtain harmonious sets of colours and letters.

The painter has chosen meaningful quotations from Sufi poetry drawing them in well-designed circles and squares reflecting her feminine touch. The exhibition shows calligraphy in an amazing way to audience where visitors can enjoy this special kind of art that is spiritually and visually appealing.


Interviewed by: Nada Haj Khidr