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“Dam ElNakhel” premiere marked by unprecedented attendance of President Al-Assad

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- Yesterday’s evening at Damascus Opera House was an overwhelming evening; full of emotions, first with the surprising stunning attendance of our President, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad with the first lady, Ms. Asama’a Al-Assad, among a popular celebration for his birthday, which dates on the 11th of September in concurrence with the “Dam ElNakhel” premiere, by Najdat Anzour.

Under the auspices of the ministry of Culture, General Film Establishment, Damascus Opera House hosted the film premiere “Dam ElNakhel” (Blood of Palm Tree), directed by Najdat Anzour, written by Diana Kamal Eldin, with the attendance of the Syrian Arab Republic president, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad. The Ministry of culture was represented by the Minister of Culture, Mr. Mahamad El-Ahamad. The premiere red carpet show was marked by the attendance of a number of Parliament Deputies, Syrian celebrities, media people, Syrian cultural and artistic personalities.  

The show initiated by a musical performance by the Syrian National Orchestra accompanied by a visual display documenting Palmira’s history throughout photography, paintings, statuettes, ornaments, temples, and pillars.

 Mr. Najdat Anzour made an introducing speech before the film show that he initiated by a birthday wish to our leader, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, paying tribute to the president generosity towards supporting the film since it was facing production difficulties.

Then, the film show started with the audience anticipation, as it is well known that Najdat Anzour’s films are always great movies addressing major issues that tackle everyday life as well. “Dam ElNakhel” (Blood of Palm Tree), an epic about the late Syrian archeologist Khaled Al-Assa’ad, who refused to leave Palmira after ISIS invasion to the city, because he was afraid on Palmira’s monuments future in those terrorists’ barbaric hands, so they executed him as he refused to give them information about the city’s ruins. A number of Syrian actors take part in the dramatization of the Syrian military forces like Loujain Ismail, who was one the three main soldiers in the movie; who were commissioned to transport statuettes from Palmira to Damascus National Museum.

Mr. Najdat Anzour made an unexpected conclusion to the film through putting an end to the lives of all main characters, but who were lucky to safely transport the ruins to Damascus. The premiere show as well ended with the collapse of Khaled Al-Assa’ad daughter Zanobia, named after the eminent queen of Palmira, who was among the audience and was affected by the scene of father’s execution. However, Zanobia the character dramatized by Majed Nayim in Dam ElNakhel, was far away from collapsing on the contrary she was the guardian angel of those soldiers, giving them hope and support when they were in those climatic  points  in the movie.

In the Opera House lobby on the red carpet Syriatimes met the film director, Mr. Najdat Anzour, and the film cast. We interviewed Mr. Loujain Ismail, an established name in the Syria Drama, who as well had a previous participation with Najdat Anzour in “Rad ElKada’a’’ (Fate avoidance) that resembles his character in Dam ElNakhel “Yes, there is a similarity between both characters as a soldier who will do anything, even offering his life when his country is at stake.” he proudly exclaimed.       

 Syriatimes met Zanobia, characterized by Majed Nayim, “Zanobia in the movie was a spirit guide to those who love their country, she helped the soldiers and Khaled Al-Assa’ad in facing the most dangerous moments in the film, accompanying them in their journey toward liberating their beloved city: Palmira” she affirmed. 

The whole event was marked by deep emotions, laughter and joy to meet our dear President in person, cries and tears throughout the film show, and most of all pride to be part of such a nation made of fierce fighters on all levels. 

 Interview& Report: Lama Alhassanieh