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Engraving on wood commemorates the names of loved ones

Who among us has not engraved their name or their lover’s name on a

study bank or on a tree somewhere? The colors of pearl shells and nut wood overlap, to create wooden, oriental, Damascene furniture masterpieces that only its creator knows it for real because it is the production of us own hands production, it is so unique even if similar to another. Each and every masterpiece carries its mark.

Youth and Creativity…Heritage and Coexistence One of the exquisite pieces in progress is “the decorative piece” or as its creator likes to call it “Algardinel”.

The decorative piece is one of the finest ancient damascene furniture, but the craftsman teacher Mr. “Khalid Fidda” crowned the decorative piece with a dome which gets added with the Islamic crescent or the Holy Cross because he believes in the idea of spiritual coexistence in Syria is the most beautiful thing about handcrafts that they touch human feelings, in the art of engraving on wood. In the interview to Syria Times newspaper we highlight this everlasting craft.

 Engraving the wood using the old tools

It is magnificent to find children maintaining the legacy of their grandparents. We met the young craftsman Mr. “Khalid Fidda” who says about his passion for his craft: “I mastered engraving on wood for love, talent, and work. When I was 8 years old, I used to sneak out from school to play with a hammer and a chisel. My hands grew bigger and they still hold those two. I fell in love with this craft and I practice it for dozens of hours with constant love.”

Hands rapped with Golden leaf

The craftsman Mr. “fidda” says about the mechanism of this craft: “we form a piece of wood according to a former notion from imagination, or according to a traditional shape. A piece of furniture consists of many parts. We cut the piece to pattern on; we draw the ornament directly on wood, engrave the wood according to the ornament, put the shells in specific places, remove the remains of scattered pieces, and we smoothen the face of the piece, so it becomes all together, then we place the piece in its place using “glue” and “laquer”, finally we wipe it with a substance called “Alkmlika” which unites the color of walnut wood and gives one spirit to the piece of furniture.” “Khalid Fidda” concluded.



 Interviewed by: Haifaa Mafalani

Placing the shells    

Engraving the wood using the old tools