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"I have a dream"

“Sun” Exhibition of the child Hadi Harfoush

(ST_) "Sun" is the title of Hadi  Bashar Harfoush exhibition, a 9 years old child.The exhibition was hosted by the Arab Cultural Centre in Damascus. It is the first solo exhibition of Hadi Harfoush that includes about forty colored paintings, displaying diverse themes reflecting the inner ideas and psychological state of this talented child.  Hadi used acrylic and oil colors, paper and other techniques which reflect his innocence.

"I express my ideas adding my own feelings to my works, I got these ideas from happy things in my life, but I leave interpretations to the viewers.” overwhelmingly explained Hadi to Syriatimes. 

Mrs.Yasmin  Hadi’s mother declared:"Hadi started painting since he was six years old using the black color, then later he managed to draw with bright colors”  “Hadi's talent  made him paint everything he sees". She added.

This exceptional child likes colors mixtures, influenced by natural scenes as trees, flowers etc…. putting his own touch to what he sees. His age didn’t prevent him from being creative through drawing difficult and complex works of art with his childhood touch. Every week he goes to practice drawing under the supervision of painter for a nonstop six hour drawing session.

The audience saw through Hadi's drawings a promising painter. For him no matter to which artistic school his paintings belongs to, the most important thing is that he feels happy when he is painting.













Interviewed by: N.Haj Khidr