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Syrian Snow White… Poisoned by Computer

Snow white _known as “Fulla” in the Arabic culture_ poisoned apple becomes a computer in the Syrian version of the play as a metaphor for the infectious effects of technology on children. Hamra Theater which is hosting “Fulla and the seven dwarves”, a play for children written by Zaki Mardanelli, directed by Mohammad Dabbagh, music composition and Lyrics of closing song by Isa Najjar. 

Mr. Dabbagh pointed out that the experience of “Fella and the Seven Dwarves” has a certain particularity as his first experience at the National Theater in Damascus, on a deeply-rooted stage as Hamra Stage.

The performance speaks about the traditional conflict between the witch and Fulla, who attempts to get rid of Fulla. However, the staging will be totally different through “using the computer as the (poisoning Apple) to catch children’s attention to the toxic effects of technology if used randomly; which would be at the same time the tool to find the remedy Elixir to wake up Fulla.” Affirmed Mr. Najjar, pointing out that technology usage is two sides of the same coin.

 “The play is classified under musical theatre which is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance with the participation of the Miral Dance Theater Group” explained Mr. Isa Najjar, the music composer and song writer. “We worked on musical escalation techniques in the music composition to keep the audience attracted and involved” Mr. Najjar added.  

With reference to the storytelling of “Fella and the seven dwarves”, the challenge was to keep the image of the original story and communicate it to the public without distortion; along being innovative in the way of presenting it. “Children like music and dance and they get interactive with it.”  Mr. Najjar added.

I went to watch the play with my daughter, 5 years old, who was really thrilled by the music and colorful costumes. It is a real pleasure for both children and adults to attend it.  

Interview & Report: Lama Alhassanieh