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A train whistle brings back golden memories

Just before leaving Damascus International Fair, Mohammad Al-Hayek heard something that took him back many many years. It was a train whistle!!

Filled with nostalgia he quickly retraced his footsteps to where the sound came from and there he found a train carriage one special to Damascus Fair only- one that took him down memory lane to when he was a child.

 Then, a ride on the train meant a trip to Ein Al-Fijeh or Wadi Barada.

The train carriage quickly fills with people. They listen attentively to the distinguished man dressed in uniform. He is an employee of Hijaz Railway line and he gives detailed information about the history, movement and direction of that particular train carriage. Information which goes back to 50 years ago. It turns out that the man in uniform is a train conductor-one of the oldest in the establishment and he is a well of information. He lwani for that is his names says this carriage goes back to 1906. Mr. Helwani then elaborates and says, that trains then and this particular carriage used to travel on what used to be called the "Yarmouk line" which has many stops like Basra, Rabweh, Hameh, Wadi Barada and Zabadani.

Ziad Al-Yazigi another employee of Hijaz Railway line stressed the importance of this carriage as a tourist attraction depicting Syrian heritage. He also pointed out the old pieces in the carriage some that date back to 1850, like the ticket machine and the information giving brochures that talk about how the train operated and where its stops were.

Visiting that carriage was like a leap back into history. Nostalgic and beautiful at the same time.   

Reem Haddad