She Defies Reality to Realize Her Dreams

(ST)- In her recently published novel, "The Curse of a Dream", the novelist and writer Khadija Baddour, describes the beauty of the Syrian countryside and its people who are characterized by simplicity, love, amity and dedication for others.

The 193- pages of medium-sized novel incarnates the character of a rural woman who is a model of the Syrian generous and helpful woman, who works hard for her family. However, she was a victim of her husband and her society and both of them halted and seized her dreams. Nevertheless, she remained steadfast and resisted all challenges to achieve what she aspires to and to rise up again as a phoenix. Although she becomes white-haired, her dreams have always been present and never vanished. She insisted waiting for achieving these dreams no matter how long does they take.

The novel shows the feelings of love and nostalgia, the novelist sought to devote in her work, to face the negative phenomena in society to conclude the curse of a dream in the hope that the dream will become a reality, referring to what the children of Palestine are doing, those children, who plant the flowers of resistance and water them with their pure blood, must grow up and achieve victory.

It is worth to mention that Mrs. Baddour is a poet, a story writer and social guide from Homs and has many works of fiction and documentation. She has a poetry collection entitled (Lamar).

Amal Farhat - Homs