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Two hundred and fifty titles in a book fair at the Cultural Center in Homs

Homs, (ST)- The publications displayed by the Book Fair at the Cultural Center in Homs were varied to include literary studies and translations from English, French, Russian, novels and children's stories.

The 10- day exhibition was organized by "Linda House "for printing, distribution and publishing on the occasion of opening its branch in Homs, where poet Haifa' Omran Hassan has autographed the first edition of her Poetic collection entitled, Nafahat Wattan, " whiffs of Homeland".

As for the purpose of  holding the exhibition in Homs, the poet Linda Abdul-Baqi, the owner of the house, said : " We founded the house ten years ago in the city of Sweida and I have chosen the city of Homs to be a branch of the House due to the cultural heritage of the city, which has its distinctive mark in the literary field. In addition to the elite and prominent literary personalities in Homs that will contribute to a remarkable cultural renaissance, in which, the book will play a key role as it is the first source of the peoples' culture regardless of the technological development reached by those nations".

Visitors highlighted the exhibition in terms of the books and their authors who have their distinguished impression in the cultural domain inside and outside Syria.

Amal Farhat- Homs