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Yoga: A Science of Peace and Harmony

Today, the world is witnessing several problems like terrorism, religious fanaticism, racial prejudices and hatred. In the atmosphere of uncertainty, distrust and fear caused due to terrorism and religious hatred could be dealt with by spreading the philosophy of yoga that aims to restore peace in mind, body and spirit.

The International Day of Yoga was created to bring harmony and peace for humanity in entire word. Peace has therefore, become a necessary condition for man’s survival. To be in a position to abolish war or to achieving global peace requires internal harmony and peace within the nation states. Yoga brings message of harmony and peace; it brings people together as well as preaches to the world.

Yoga has a unique capability to moulds one's behavior, awakens one's potentials, perfects his attitudes and perception, sets standards of social, emotional, mental and intellectual life, brings changes in the outer and internal world. Yoga is practiced not only to achieve perfect health but also to achieve professional, personal, social and spiritual excellence in life.

Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word “yujir” meaning to yoke, to bind, to unite. Here the word union represents the best and the highest union so that human being can live, move and act in Health, Harmony and Happiness. It aims at the melodious progress of the mind, body and the soul.

Yoga believes that peace starts from within, then and only then can it be extended outward to others and the community. When we suffer, we tend to be more willing to inflict pain and misery upon others and ourselves, whether through words, actions, and energy. Creating a practice of non-violence towards oneself and others allow each individual to gain a stronger sense of well-being, thus reducing their negative impact on the world. The ultimate impact is the realizations that we can each contribute to creating a more peaceful, healthy global society by becoming more peaceful and healthier.

Yoga is a science that tries to understand the root cause of all sufferings facing the human race, offers a sound philosophy and different practices to bring to an end to all sufferings. Yoga brings an end to all sufferings -physical, mental, emotional, social, professional and spiritual. The ancient scriptures claim that yoga is practiced to bring an end to all kinds of sufferings.

The essence of humanity is based on peace. Humility, gratitude; forgiveness, compassion, and honesty are virtuous qualities of a peaceful and harmonious life. Humility is cultivated in yoga by being noncompetitive and not seeking to create the perfect posture, but to admit fragility and taking care of your body and mind.

Inner peace does not mean merely a state of inner being, which ignores the reality of human suffering. Rather, holistic peace is seen as encompassing an individual compassion for human need, coupled with a sincere attempt at identifying with and helping to transform the suffering of others. Yoga following the inner path of spirituality dropping aside all rituals and rites of religion brings all religions to one single platform.

Yoga is a universal science and technique. Yoga is an agreement between the individual and the universe. It is Universal in its approach and applicable to all human beings irrespective of sex, age, caste, creed or religion. Now, yoga has become a Universal culture. It works on the whole of the individual, so it is meant for the development of the whole of mankind on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

Yoga is science of self in relation to outer world. Yoga helps to bring subtle attitudinal change in life. Yoga aims to transform the body and mind by bringing it into sound state. Yoga is a scientific and a powerful technique to master instinctive behavior of human beings. It aims at the melodious progress of the mind, body and soul. Yoga transforms the brain and brain has deposits of all our past impressions, conflicts, dualities, problems and worries, by practice yoga, brain transforms into peace, harmony and love.

Dr. Meraj Ahmad Meraj

Assistant Professor

Department of Arabic, Aliah University, Kolkata

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