Syria Calls for Interaction among Civilizations to Serve Humanity

BEIJING, (ST)- The Syrian delegation participating in the dialogue forums held within the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, currently held in China, presented work papers dealing with the civilizational and humanitarian dimension of Syrian Arab culture and with the importance of interaction among civilizations to serve humanity.

In a speech, member of the Syrian delegation, Director of Al-Assad National Library, Eyad Murshed, talked about the Asian civilization, which since the down of history, has presented a leading example to mankind in elevating the value of human beings and in laying the bases for cooperation among peoples as to face the forces of nature and exchange knowledge and trade. He pointed out that Syria has granted the civilization in Asia and the world the first alphabet, the first musical note as well as the oldest libraries in Tel Mardiekh.  

 Murshed stressed the need to build a common future for humanity and to put an end to arrogance and unilateral power. He also affirmed the importance of confronting  colonialism, terrorism and unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States on all who don't agree with its policies.

Murshed asserted the need not to manipulate technology and called for enhancing trade among countries, for guaranteeing the rights of the Palestinian people to establish a Palestinian state with al-Quds as a capital and for not recognizing the procedures of the Israeli occupation authorities in the occupied Syrian Golan and the rest of the occupied territories.

Hamda Mustafa