Documentary Exhibition of Painting and Mosaics in Hama

(ST) - As part of Hama Spring Festival, Al- Azem Palace in the city hosted the Documentary Exhibition of Painting and Mosaics with the participation of three artists who exhibited more than 150 paintings that varied between oil paintings and mosaic paintings showing  Hama environment, old neighborhoods and heritage professions in the city.

Abdul Qader Farzat, director of Hama Department of Antiquities, said that the event which was held in cooperation with the city council, highlighted works that dealt with different historical stages that mimic the Syrian civilization, ancient heritage and natural paintings, pointing out that the city council has presented 65 documentary photos of the old neighborhoods of Hama.

Artist Youssef Keshto, explained that he participated with mosaic paintings and paintings painted with charcoal, considering that the most prominent paintings are those painted by coal which include the old Mosque of Masoud and the courtyard of the bridge district, as well as a beautiful plant work on the stone.

Artist Mohamed Hisham Baznko said that he participated in the expo. with oil paintings on the canvas located in the northern part of the Palace, most of which represent well known places as Hama including Naweir( water-wheels), on the banks of Orontes River, Al- Azem Palace, the old houses, in addition to landscape paintings and paintings showing some handicrafts such as milling grain, looms, leather tanning and copper industry.

It is worth mentioning that the activities of the 15th Hama Spring Festival will continue until May 10 and are characterized by many activities including tourism, culture, sports and heritage.


Amal Farhat