"Peace Makers" Association in Lattakia Carries Out Campaigns Aiming at Preserving Syria's Cultural Heritage

"Syria is home to some of the most advanced ancient civilizations in the world, so the Syrian heritage is rich and diverse and preserving it is our common duty," Miss Rawan Issa, Head of the Heritage Program of the "Peace Makers" civil society association in Lattakia, said.

On the sidelines of the "Our Heritage" campaign held recently by the "Peace Makers" association marking World Heritage Day, Miss Issa told Syriatimes e-newspaper that "heritage is a basic part of the national identity which the ancestors left for their society. Heritage is very important to understand the history of every homeland”.

Highlighting the ten-day campaign’s main objectives and activities, Miss Issa made it clear that the campaign included a number of activities and interactive dialogue sessions carried out by the association's artistic, engineering, intellectual, medical, educational  as well as its habits and traditions voluntary teams.

 "The campaign aims at raising awareness about the importance of preserving our tangible and intangible heritage” she added.

She indicated that the association's medical team, called ”Serum”, carried out the Syrian “Bimaristan” medical culture event during which "members of the team reviewed the history of Syrian hospitals, methods of old medical treatments inherited by our ancestors such as treatment by herbs as well as healthy medical habits".

The association's social and development team "Majjaz", according to Issa, reviewed the Syrian literary heritage mainly poetry and old prominent artistic figures. The team also held an interactive dialogue session on 'the ancient history of the Syrian land and civilizations'.

 "Dynamic”, the association's engineering developmental team, carried out the “Our Heritage” competition. It asked questions about some historical areas in Syria with the aim of  shedding light on the country's most important archeological tourist sites, she added.

On its part, “Karoyat” team performed a number of theatrical, dancing, singing and fashion shows to represent the Syrian tangible and intangible heritage in all Syrian provinces”, Miss Issa also said.

In addition, Miss Issa said, “Alwan” team performed “Sibya” show that shed light on the development of the education process in Syria, while the "Collag" team shed light on the current condition of the heritage through performing an interactive theatrical show.

She added that other teams of the association carried out different activities on the Syrian heritage focusing on food, wedding traditions as well as old ways of entertainment such as (Hakawati) storyteller and dice table.

She indicated that the art and peace programs of the campaign concluded presenting traditional and folk songs from all Syrian provinces as well as reviewing the artistic side of the Syrian heritage.

"Peace Makers" was established in 2016 by the approval of the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry.

Miss Issa pointed out that the "Peace Makers" has three programs: heritage, art and peace as well as building and powering youth capacities, and that these programs are carried out by the association’s volunteers who are from different provinces.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam