Syria Participates in International Chemistry Championship in Russia

Damascus - Syria is participating in the 53rd Mandeliev International Chemistry Championship, which is being held in Russia from the 20th to the 28th April. Some 50 continents participate in the Championship.

The Association of Excellence and Creativity (AEC) indicated in a statement received by SANA said today that the Championship, organized by St. Petersburg University, is the closest to the World Olympiad in terms of scientific level and competition. The Association indicated that the Syrian team includes the students Asma Al-Rifai, Mudar Al-Ali, Karam Khaddour and Mohammed Bilal Under the supervision of Chairman of the Central Scientific Committee for Chemistry in the Syrian Scientific Olympiad, Dr. Abdul Wahhab Allaf, and member of the Committee Dr. Khaled Gomaa.


The AEC explained that the Championship consists of two sessions, the first is theoretical and the second includes practical experiments in laboratories, pointing out that Syria is participating for the first time and is considered a preparatory station for the team and put it in the atmosphere of strong competition to participate in the World Olympics in the coming period..

The World Olympic Championships are scheduled to be held in July, where the Chemistry Olympiad will be held in France.

Rawaa Ghanam