Syrian Woman Wins 1st Place in the Competition of Young Scientists in Russia

Kazan- The young Syrian, Nour Mansour, recently won the first place in the "Young Scientists Competition" in Russia, superior to all its participating students from graduate students, masters and PhDs to prove to the whole world the superiority of Syrian youth and to acquaint the world with the latest technologies of science and knowledge in addition to the rich scientific information towards achieving sustainable development.


The young, Nour, graduated from the University of Damascus with a degree in pharmacy she is also a second-year student Master and her major is "physiological foundations of functional competence Diagnostics". She participated in the international scientific conference of the scientist, Samwell, for clinical basic physiological studies in the Russian city of Kazan where she discussed the results of the project in the field of physiological foundations studies of functional diagnosis.

Nour's research paper entitled (The Role of Subtypes of the Receiver (Y) in Regulating the Constriction of Heart Muscle in Mice at Different Age Levels after Birth). Her research was ranked first in the Young Scientists Competition as one of the conference's events.

In a statement to the Sana Youth News, Nour said that her research aims at finding hope and a therapeutic and pharmacological opportunity for heart disease in the hope that she will continue her studies and research to reach a pharmaceutical form of the neurotransmitter in the heart muscle.

She confirmed that the Syrian youth has enormous energies and a strong motivation to follow his scientific career and be a support for himself and his homeland.

The Young Scientists' Competition is part of the International Scientific Conference of the scientist, Samwell, in the field of precise Basic Micro electro physics and Clinical Electrophysiology and contemporary issues for arrhythmia Microelectronics. The current issues of the disorders of the systems "non-systems", which were held for the third time in the Russian city of Kazan from 5 to 6 April 2019. Nour Mansour was born in Lattakia in 1994. She was a graduate of the first batch of the National Center for Distinguished in 2012.


Lama Razzouk