Poetry Evening at the University Graduates Association in Homs

Homs, (ST) - The Association of University Graduates in Homs on Tuesday hosted a poetry evening to celebrate the Evacuation Day, where patriotism and love of the country were the themes of their poems.

The poet Nabil Baqoss, the "Author of the Guitar of the Spirit", opened the evening with two national songs entitled "My Beloved the Golan", the "Evacuation Day" and "The Birth of the Baath', in which he talked to Syria, the destination of the Arab struggle and Syria is the functioning heart of Arabism that beats glory since the dawn of  history. In his second poem, he says: "What is the secret of your beauty, Damascus, your old days as your current days, renewal that never fade… The flag of Arabism is fluttering above your peaks."

As for the poet Hassan Ibrahim Samoun, founder of the 'Syrian Open Divan", said in his poems the story of the Syrian glory, which is deeply rooted throughout the ages, as in the victories of the Syrian Arab Army today, which is an extension of all Syria's victories.


The poet Hassan Ahmad presented, in his two nationalistic poems, the finest pottery on the glories of the evacuation day and the heroines of the brave army against the evil forces lying in the national territory, mocking the Trump Declaration concerning the occupied Syrian Golan. "You have falsely signed …Oh you the master of humiliation… to sell my land or to hold my position.  Do you think that the people forgive the humiliation? ...the peoples will never forgive."

The poet Rehab Ramadan participated in two patriotic songs in which she highlighted the heroes of the army who invoke in every day the most beautiful pictures of the championship and victory in defense of the homeland and in her poem "Jabarout" (Might) says … "Stand up and rise the back of the horse and be proud in defiance of annihilation... All the soil is adherent to the purity of your shoes … you the army of brightness. Go ahead and the victory is drawn by pure ink."

Amal Farhat