Pioneering Initiative by Syrian Creative Engineers

HOMS, (ST) - As part of the technological development that dominates the world as the world's biggest challenge, a group of Syrian engineers are establishing an important engineering project which is, “I am An Engineer” web site, that provides services to thousands of engineers and researchers in terms of presenting up-to-date in the world of engineering research and international experiences that can benefit them in the field of study and scientific research.

To know more about this pioneering initiative, the Syria Times e-newspaper met the project manager, Eng. Bashar Al-Hajji, who said: “I am An Engineer" is considered the largest Arab engineering reference that addressed students and graduates of engineering department in various disciplines in the Arab world.

It was launched more than five years ago with the aim of promoting the engineering thought and knowledge with high accuracy and professionalism, cooperating with the governmental and private academic institutions and specialized engineering centers, as well as, communicating with academic figures to benefit from their experiences and promote engineering thought for a better future”.


The various tasks of the site

Talking about the work process in the site, Eng. Khalil Mahmoud, Director of Editing and Design, said: “We are working in two complementary ways. The first is to prepare and translate the scientific articles in general and the specialized engineering in particular, providing engineers with research, workshops, graduation projects, MA and PhD thesis, as well as, providing the researchers with the latest engineering programs in various specialties and answering  all the needed engineering inquiries".

It also seeks to disseminate the colleagues' contributions, including graduate projects, master's thesis and engineering projects, to be used on the widest scale.

Eng. Mahmoud went on to say: “The other part of the work is interested in covering scientific exhibitions, academic seminars and events related to engineering innovations. Meetings between the engineers of different specialties Started as a step that can help in establishing their own projects, as well as, organizing de facto events. All new global projects and engineering technology in the world are now covered by the site”.

“The site was adopted as a basic reference for the implementation of several projects, such as the artificial hand project and the smart stick project. In addition to dozens of engineering projects that contribute to the development of our standard of living to an advanced level in the humanitarian, productive and reconstruction fields.

Our ultimate goal is to promote society to a more advanced level through engineering. The strong faith in this project, our hard work in addition to a team of volunteer engineers from various disciplines representing the Syrian provinces and a number of Arab countries has been the most important role for the success of this initiative,” Eng. Mahmoud concluded.

It is worth mentioning  that the initiative was launched from the University of Tishreen in the Syrian city of Lattakia in 2013.It is now extended to include seven Arab countries including, Syria, Jordan Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and the UAE.It now includes more than 370.000  Arab engineers representing all engineering specialties.

Interviewed by: Amal Farhat