When Angels Play Music

A musical masterpiece in an exceptional style

Despite the pain and sorrow experienced by the Syrians during the long harsh years of the war against their country, they prove every day that they are a steadfast and civilized people and that Syria deserves life as it is the cradle of civilization, creativity and life.

The Syrian doctors, engineers and artists who work and innovate in all fields prove to the whole world that the war has only increased the Syrians' determination to live, resist and succeed, and that the Syrian people are just like the phoenix that is reborn even stronger after every burning and that the homeland of creativity will give something new every day.

 Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol Crew, is a living witness to the creativity of the Syrians who insist to leave good influence wherever they go.They are a group of young people studying piano at Mahmoud El Ajan Institute for Music in Lattakia. They presented an amazing piece of music that attracted the appreciation and admiration of both the audience and the jury. They play the world's music so that the world knows that we are a live and active part of it.

 Participation in Arabs Got Talent

The angels of joy that amazed everyone at the theater of Arabs Got Talent has given us hope that the forthcoming  generation is not a generation of war any more . It is a generation of love, hope and  future, where those full of life young creators will be the lifeline of the renewed Syria.

Before I met the young  talents I had a meeting with the inventor who trained and took care of those talents , Maestro Mohamed Nizar Farhat, who said : “our participation in the program was at the invitation of Mrs. Heba Mahmoud,who is a producer at MBC, after she watched a show for our crew on Social Media . Mrs. Heba contacted me and informed me about the necessary arrangements for participating in the program."

"I have worked with my students for a year to prepare a unique musical work with extraordinary ideas that will be shown for the first time in this program. Thank God, our performance has won the admiration and appreciation of the audience and the jury as well. The participating talents were, Maria Mahfoud, Lynn Gafr, Moudar Kadar and Zeinab Shahoud.They are students at Mahmoud El Ajan Music Institute in Lattakia”.

Maria Mahfoud, a member of the crew, said: "We were very nervous before going on the stage but after we sat down and started playing we forgot all our tension and getting completely into the tune so that we did not notice the artists who were standing behind us enjoying our performance. There were 8 hands and one piano, we were playing as if we were one person."

We were very surprised when we saw them behind us, the feelings of joy, pride and success were mixed up inside us. In fact, this surprise, which was far greater than anything we had expected, has played an important role in motivating us to exert more efforts to achieve even more success in the forthcoming contests.”

It is worth mentioning that Maestro Mohamed Nizar Farhat was graduated from Al-Assad Institute for Music in 2010. He continued his career as a soloist and piano teacher at Mahmoud El Ajan Music Institute in Lattakia in 2014.

He is the leader and founder of Orchedia Orchestra, the Syrian Trust for  Development Orchestra, and the Classical Orchestra at Mahmoud Al-Ajan Music Institute.

Here is the link of the of the performance:



Interviewed by Amal Farhat