Optimism, Love, Nature Main Themes of Syrian Artist Moheddin al-Homsi's New Exhibition

In his new exhibition "Brightness of Light and Color", currently held at the Abo Rumaneh Arab Cultural Center in Damascus, Syrian artist Moheddin Al-Homsi has tried to reflect the current social situation of the Syrians and send a message of peace, good and optimism.    

The artist managed, in 23 big-sized artworks, to depict different themes reflecting the current social situation of the Syrian man and the optimistic vision of the Syrians towards future through using bright colors and shapes. He used acrylic colors and collage technique to express his views. [Collage is a technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole].

"My paintings depict optimism, love and happiness. I drew birds and fish in some paintings to express optimism and good. Women, also, are generally present in most of my paintings, because the woman is the mother, the sister and the wife. For me, the woman is nature and the symbol of tender," he told the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

According to the artist, the title of the exhibition was inspired by the link between light and future and the link between color and nature. He used this relation to express the Syrians' social situation and optimistic view.

The artists was born in Damascus in 1971. He is a graduate of the Institute of Applied Arts and a member of Fine Artists' Union. He participated in several collective exhibitions inside Syria and held 11 solo exhibitions inside Syria and abroad.

The exhibition will last till March 2nd.


Nada Haj Kheder