Skills and Career Center at Tishreen University in Lattakia a Bridge between Syrian Students and Job Market

The Skills and Career Center at Tishreen University in the Syrian province of Lattakia plays a vital and efficient role as a bridge between Tishreen University students and labor market. The center supports the university students through developing their knowledge and skills relevant for their further education and future employment and through connecting them to the business community.

 "The center was established in 2011 at Tishreen university in accordance with an agreement with the EU, which aimed at establishing vocational training centers at some Syrian public and private universities”, Dr. Neruda Barakat, Head of the Skills and Career Centre at Tishreen university, said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

Dr. Barakat is also a professor at the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Faculty and one of the European Union (EU) coordinators of the students exchange programs with some universities.

When asked about the center’s goals , Dr. Barakat said “the center aims at enhancing the students’ capabilities, knowledge and practical skills relevant for employment, providing information for students on various education opportunities, connecting students to the job market through receiving  training in companies in addition to providing counseling services for students with dilemmas about their career choice in the labor market upon graduation”.

 He asserted that the center seeks constantly to provide students with useful information regarding career development such as seminars and workshops on job search techniques, writing good CVs and preparation for job interviews and it also seek helping the students to apply for various scholarships.

 Dr. Barakat made it clear that the center’s working plan depends mainly on carrying out constant free training courses and interactive workshops on communication skills, teamwork skills, time management, marketing, information technology (IT) skills as well as language skills.

He stressed that the center spares no effort to make field visits to local labor markets and companies to introduce and connect the students to the labor market and to promote their professional values and business policies.

Dr. Barakat added the center’s plan focuses on inviting all local and national companies to present their job opportunities and experiences to university students to make use of their skills.

He underlined the need to increase awareness about the key role of vocational education in society, pointing out that more attention should be paid during the preparatory and secondary schools  to this kind of education, as the society is in need for all practical and academic specializations.

 According to Dr. Barakat, the center has a good staff including volunteers , who are students from different faculties, stressing the fact that volunteering at the center is a great opportunity for them to use their skills to help others and at the same time to learn new things that enhance their qualifications, to get new skills, to put their skills into practice and to boost their job prospects.


Interviewed by: Rawaa Ghanam