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Golan Apple, a Story of Glory

Not like any other kind of fruits grown in Syria, the occupied Syrian Golan’s apple is so dear to the hearts of all the Syrians who have a strong belief that Golan, the usurped part of our beloved country, will be restored soon to its motherland, Syria.

The Syrians, look at the Golan apple with great love and buy it not only because it is delicious, but because they smell in it the fragrance of the fertile soil of occupied Golan.

Every year, the Syrian government welcomes tens of tones of the Golan farmers’ apple production and sends them to the local markets. For both the government and the farmers this is not just an ordinary marketing operation, it is but a humanitarian and national duty through which  the link between the Syrian farmers in occupied Golan and their motherland is enhanced, and farmers revenue is increased.

Smelling the Golan apple, one can feel how much effort, the Golan farmers have exerted to grow such kind of delicious fruit, and by doing this they send a message of challenge to the Zionist occupation stressing that they are adherent to every inch of their land and that they will keep working hard till they are able to drive their truckloads of apples directly to the fruit markets of Damascus without a permission from occupation authorities.  

The Syrians in the occupied Golan strongly believe that confronting the enemy needs sacrifices and necessitates mobilizing all potentials to win the battle against occupation and to maintain the Syrian people’s right which says in all languages of the world that “the land of Golan is and will continue to be a Syrian Arab land whether the enemy accepts it or not.”

We, as Syrian citizens, are looking forward, with great nostalgia and love,  to seeing the sun of liberation rising over the Syrian Golan heights.

Firas al-Taleb