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Syrian Company for Handicrafts Opens "Ubbaha" Center In Lattakia to Revive Famous Syrian Traditional Industries

"Undoubtedly, Syria is home to the oldest and most famous handicrafts that refelct Syria’s civilization,  cultural heritage and identity. This industry has been a vital part of the aesthetic culture that characterized Syria throughout history,” Mr. Kenan Shammat, Head of Operations at the Syrian Company for Handicrafts said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper on the occasion of the recent opening of the company's “Ubbaha” ( luxurious) center for exhibiting and supporting Syrian handicrafts in Lattakia.

Shammat pointed out that the Syrian company for handicrafts was established in 2016 in Damascus as one of the institutions of the Syrian Trust for Development aiming to revive and preserve the deep-rooted Syrian handicrafts industry. The company also seeks finding new local and foreign markets for the handicrafts, transferring the industry to the coming generations, shedding light on the industry's importance and developing its tools and cooperating with Syrian craftsmen to enhance and promote their skills, he said.

"Despite the big challenges as well as the severe unjust blockade and coercive economic measures imposed on Syria, the Syrian handicrafts have managed to prove their presence as there is still a high demand for Syrian handicraft products inside Syria and abroad,” Shammat added.

He highlighted the company's efforts to restore the glory of the Syrian traditional handicrafts through opening a number of  handicraft workshops in different Syrian provinces and carrying out training courses for the craftsmen mainly in the field of glass, crochet, wood, Aghabani, copper and mosaic.

Talking about “Ubbaha” center, Shammat said” the Syrian company for handicrafts presents its products under the registered trademark “Ubbaha”, noting the establishment of two centers in Damascus and Sweida provinces for this purpose.

He made it clear that “Ubbaha” centers exhibit Syrian handicrafts using up-to-date marketing methods. They ensure selling markets and centers locally and aborad in cooperation with concerned partners.

Opening “Ubbaha” center in Lattakia is a step to revive the Syrian handicrafts industry here, encourage craftsmen in the province, disseminate youths' awareness about the importance of Syrian handicrafts and traditional industries and attract visitors and tourists to enjoy knowing about the Syrian heritage, Shammat said.

He made it clear that “Ubbaha” center in Lattakia includes key traditional industries including Aghabani textile, copper carving , Qishani ceramics, soap, silk , handmade glass, brocade, embroidery, loom, crochet, wood carving and shells.

"Syrian craftsmen are creative, skilled and  talented. The skill of the Syrian craftsmen, inherited over thousands of years, helped them innovate crafts,” Shammat said, calling on all the Syrian craftsmen, who left the country because of the crisis to return and reopen their workshops as Syria is recovering.

He concluded by stressing that the unjust war on Syria has strengthened the Syrians’ steadfastness and will to rebuild their lovely country.


Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam