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Effective Syrian Participation in Cairo International Book Fair

Over the past eight years, the Syrian people have faced a terrorist war that affected all walks of life in the country, including culture, yet this heinous terrorist aggression couldn't stop the Syrians from seeking a way to convey Syria's cultural message to the world.

Within this framework, Syria participated in the 50th Cairo International Book Fair which was concluded yesterday after showcasing thousands of books published by more than 1200 publishing houses representing 35 Arab and foreign countries.

The participating Syrian publishers stressed that the Syrian publishing houses  will continue to take part in all Arab and international events despite the war and the conspiracy that Syria is facing.

"The dirty war against Syria affected the financial resources and the distribution process in Syrian publishing houses, but despite these many difficulties these publishing houses have maintained their existence and culltural role," said Ghassan Rabie from "Rabie Publishing House".

On his part, Haitham Al-Ghazali from "Ninawa House for Studies, Publishing and Distribution" said: "the Syrian publishing houses insist on spreading awareness and knowledge through books despite the pressure and the crisis that Syria is facing." He pointed out that the Cairo Book Fair has been a key cultural platform in which the Syrian publishing houses are keen on having rich presence.

Ashraf Al-Aqbi from "Rislan Publishing House" clarified that the participation in Cairo International Book Fair would help publications reach Arab countries and the world. He explained that the main objective of this participation is to disseminate culture and knowledge among readers.

Bahauddin Mohammad from "Tammouz Publishing House" said that high prices and lack of printing requirments have been among the obstacles that faced publishing houses in Syria under the terrorist war waged on the country. "But, we will continue our work in publishing the Syrian books and distributing them in the region and the wrold," he added.