"Amina" a Film Depicting Patience and Sacrifices of Syrian Mothers during the War

In order to shed light on the human and social impacts of the crisis in Syria, especially  on Syrian women,  the General Establishment for Cinema have produced a number of documentary films that tell different stories of people who suffered the repurcussions of the brutal terrrorist war on Syria.

Within this context , the public screening of the feature film “Amina” kicked off at “Dar Al-Assad” for Culture in Lattakia province on Friday in the presence of the film Director Ayman Zeidan and a number of participating artists.

 The film depicts the patience and sacrifices of the Syrian mothers during the war through the story of a mother called “Amina”.

“Amina” is a rural woman who faces a lot of challenges. She finds herself alone to battle the difficulties caused by the death of her husband and the bad health condition of her son, who has suffered a serious injury during the war that made him unable to move and speak. This woman has to be strong and enough to endure the hardships of protecting her family as well as her livehood.

The two-hour film presents emotional message mixed with patience, pain, sadness and reflection of the humanitarian relations.

"The painful story of Amina and her son is an example of the steadfast Syrian mothers' who have suffered a lot and have played a unique shinning and honorable role in the confrontation of the war in Syria”, the director of the film said in a statement to SANA correspondent.

He stressed that the film, which was produced last year by the General Establishment for Cinema, conveys a painful and emotional but honorable message about the Syrian mothers.

The film stars are Nadine Khoury (heroine), Joud Sa’id, Lina Hourana, Hazem Ziedan and  a number of Syrian artists.

Rawaa Ghanam