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"Syrian Plastic Art Days" Festivity in Lattakia

 Plastic art exhibitions and forums are considered cultural and civilized phenomenon. They are mobile artistic libraries which are linked to the varied fields of innovation.

"Art is a message of civilization, history and innovation and it is one of the finest types of expression. Art’s messages are uncountable as every artist has his own views to express," Syrian artist Hiyam Salman told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on the sidelines of a plastic art exhibition currently held in Lattakia within the framework of the "The Syrian Plastic Art Days” Festivity, which was recently launched by the Culture Ministry in all Syrian provinces and which included several intellectual and artistic activities.

 The exhibition showcases works and sculptures of 53 artists (40 fine artists and 13 sculptors) depicting human relations, silent nature, recycling objects, joy, sadness, hope, impacts of the crisis in Syria as well as other humanitarian issues.

Exhibitions Enhance Cultural Dialogue

Mrs. Salman, who is also Head of “ I draw My Dream”  artistic association in Lattakia, said that such exhibitions play vital role in enhancing cultural dialogue through the language of art.

"What is remarkable about this exhibition is that it brought together prominent pioneer artists and aspiring young ones, especially those who have recently graduated from the fine arts faculty,"  she clarified, stressing the need to provide those young artists a chance to showcase their works alongside prominent pioneer artists as to enrich their knowledge and benefit from the experience of the older generation.

On her participation in the exhibition, Mrs. Salman said "the human being is a main part of nature. My panel is selected from a collection depicting the human being’s relation with  nature."

She clarified "I depended on recycling pieces of cloth of different kinds and colors to depict the virtues of spring season, including celebrating the end of winter and the blossom of trees and flowers that represents the life circle”. She pointed out that the tree has a great symbol and "we should share our feelings with nature as to make some sort of unity".

 Mrs. Salman is a famous Syrian artist who participated in different cultural activities in all the Syrian provinces, Jordan and Germany and some of her works, which depicts the Syrian heritage, were exhibited in America, England and France.

On his part, Sculptor Maher Alaa Eddin said in a statement to the Syriatimes, that "art is a state of creation and it doesn’t repeat itself, so we should always create something new. Artistic exhibitions are of great importance as they express the artistic and innovative message of the plastic art and sculpture and they contribute to sending the world visual and spiritual messages".

According to artist Alaa Eddin, More exhibitions and other artistic activities should have been held during the bad circumstances Syria has faced as art and culture are also means for the Syrians to challenge their enemies who want to undermine Syria’s identity, heritage and civilization.

“ My sculpture work depicts four  blocks of  open strong wood circles over each others,  with moldiness coming out from them, and a closed wood circle over them”. Mr. Alaa Eddin said.

He made it clear that the moldiness in the work expresses the fact that Syria is trying to surpass the bad impacts of the crisis. He added that the circles are open to showcase that the forthcoming stage has many probabilities and the Syrian people will stay steadfast,

Mr. Alaa Edin is a sculpture of wood, iron and stone. He participated in a number of local, Arab and international artistic activities including Tunisia and Germany.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam