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Syria's Culture Day Activities Highlighted Syria's Deep-Rooted Civilization

"Culture is a highly- respected human behavior and a state of progress and self-esteem. It is important because it helps people maintain a unique social identity and without our culture we are completely disconnected from our souls” Mr. Majed Sarem, Director of Culture in Lattakia Province said in a statement to the Syriatimes-e newspaper, highlighting the deliberations of the week-long "Culture Day" event, which was kicked off on November 26th by the culture ministry marking its 60th foundation anniversary.

"Syria is home to the oldest and most advanced civilizations of the world and it enjoys long cultural history," Mr. Sarem said.

Talking about the activities held on Syria's Culture Day, Mr. Saem said the Culture ministry intensified its different activities in all the Syrian provinces to present a cultural message that expresses the deep-rooted culture and civilization of Syria.

 Mr. Sarem made it clear that the cultural activities held within the event in Lattakia’s culture Directorate and its branches include fine arts and sculpture exhibitions, concerts, a book fair, theatrical shows, musical performances, a handcraft exhibition as well as poetry evenings.

“A number of intellectual historical archeological and scientific lectures, symposiums and workshops were also held  to highlight Syria's culture and greet prominent intellectual figures who contributed to the enrichment and development of the Syrian culture, such as writer Hanna Minah and many others," Mr. Sarem said.

He indicated that children also had their role in this cultural event. Several workshops and exhibitions were held for children in addition to some meaningful plays which were performed with the aim of telling the entire world that even children are determined to share the Syrian people the big hope for achieving a better and peaceful life and a world that is free of wars, conflicts and bloodshed.

He stressed in this connection that the culture ministry is keen on adopting a cultural and civilized project in order to bring up a generation that is aware of its causes.

Mr. Sarem affirmed the fact that the culture ministry is paying special attention to the youth generation’s initiatives in order to shed light on their talents and to cultivate their skills in a developed, scientific and civilized way, referring to the youths' remarkable participation in this event through holding a fine art exhibition for the graduates of the Fine Art Center as well as a scientific and medical debate between Tishreen University students representing the faculties of medicine and pharmacy.

“ In spite of the systematic terrorist attacks, which targeted the cultural institutions, archeological sites and intellectual figures, the Syrian crisis will not be a barrier that prevents the new generation to have a chance to revive and spread  the Syrian culture depending on their literary, artistic and scientific innovations” Mr. Majed Sarem concluded. 

The activities of the Culture Ministry Day were kicked off on November 26th in a central ceremony held at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts in Damascus. The ceremony was attended by a number of ministers, official state figures, artists , writers and directors of cultural establishments.

The culture minister Mohammad Al-Ahmad said in a speech in the opening ceremony that "the 8 years old global war against Syria is nearing its end due to the great achievements and steadfastness of Syria’s leadership, people and army in the face of this terrorist war."

Al-Ahmed stressed the key role that can be played by artists and all kinds of art in defending the homeland.

It is worth to mention that a number of musical, artistic and intellectual personalities were honored in appreciation of their remarkable contributions to the Syrian culture.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam