Wounded Syrian Soldiers Club’s members play active role in society


He is one of the wounded Syrian soldiers and co-founder of the Association of Wounded Syrian Soldiers Club, which was officially launched last month, after four years of hard work in offering psychological support and entertainment to many wounded soldiers in Syria.

Sami Mlhem, 30 years-old, told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the idea of the club, founded by volunteers, is based on “wounded soldier helps wounded soldier” and it aims to provide psychological support and entertainment to wounded soldiers in the country.

“The club whose headquarters is located in Tartous province is composed of 12 members [wounded and volunteers]. It complements the project of ‘Jarih Watan’, and we expect that huge number of wounded soldiers will join the club being supported by the First Lady Mrs. Asma Al-Assad [May God bless her] ,” Mlhem said.

He described the meeting of the club’s members with the first lady on October 10,2018 as ‘night of power’.  “The first lady told us to press ahead with our work and to keep our simplicity, he added.

This hero narrated to us how he was wounded during a military operation on Harasa highway in Damascus.

“I was fighting against terrorist groups in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus and once –in 2013- I and some of my comrades were ordered to support our comrades in Adra area . We went there and stormed ‘Mercedes’ building on Harasta highway, but armed terrorists exploded the building when we entered it,” Mlhem clarified.

He pointed out that he returned from Lebanon to Syria in 2013 in order to join the Syrian army to defend the homeland.

Mlhem and his friends in the club are playing now an active role in the society through helping many wounded soldier in the country to be active.

All in all those wounded soldiers are example to be followed and they can give lessons about hope and how to defeat desperation and isolation as well as who to win a battle against wounds.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour