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Arab Writers Union: Parties Rejecting National Dialogue Serve Foreign Agendas

LATTAKIA, (ST) –  Those who are rejecting  national dialogue serve foreign agendas and aim to fragment the Syrian unified state, underscored  Head of the Arab Writers Union, Hussein Jum'a.

During a dialogue forum held on Tuesday  in the Union's Lattakia branch under the title "Philosophy of Dialogue", Jum'a said dialogue doesn't only mean to produce and exchange ideas, rather it stresses the Syrian people's unified stance on confronting the global conspiracy hatched against their homeland.

"Dialogue must be based on accepting and listening to others not excluding them," Jum'a added.

He pointed out that identifying citizenship should be based on how much citizens commit themselves to the sovereignty of the homeland and  law, stressing that dialogue must be based on integration and cooperation so as to be fruitful in the political solution to the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Jum'a referred to the role educated Syrian youths can play to solve the crisis if they are keenly provided with national ideas and enabled to implement their views in building better future for Syria.

He stressed that the charter of honor is based on the sovereignty of the state and the law, on the unity of the Syrian land and on the rejection of foreign interference.

For their part, intellectuals and writers participating in the forum affirmed that  openness and reconciliation are an urgent need during dialogue. They also stressed the necessity of adhering to national principles and laws, protecting  the state's institutions and unifying  efforts to defend Syria against foreign schemes.

H. Mustafa