Vanguards’ celebrations Throughout Homs Countryside

Coinciding with the victories of our hero army throughout Syria and marking  March and April celebrations ,the Vanguards second region committee in Wadi al-Nasara region has recently carried out its annual exhibition .

Head of the Vanguards  Area Committee, Mr. Shahadi Wassouf said: "This annual meeting, which is hosted annually by one of al-Wadi villages, is but a turning point in our avant-garde work And an important opportunity to evaluate the past stages in the work process of the educational units.

Holding these activities help to show the students' talents and give them the opportunity to develop these talents and guide them appropriately”.

He went on to say:” We aimed to strengthen their love of life regardless of the hardships they have experienced during the past period, so despite all the dire conditions that have beset our country, our activities have not stopped and the terrorist acts have not intimidated us”.

Head of Publications Branch in Homs Mr. Samir Abbas said: "These cultural events and art exhibitions is but a message to those who are  inside Syria and abroad.

Syria's enemies wanted Homs to be the capital of terror, murder, destruction and ignorance. The response came quickly from our children that Homs is the capital of culture, civilization, love and brotherhood. Their drawings reflect their love of life and the hope for the near-comprehensive victory”.

“The will of joint co-existence is clearly reflected in this popular event . As you see, students from the different villages of the valley representing  various segments of the Syrian people participated in the celebration today.

Our meeting today is not just an artistic celebration but a great public event that shows the whole world that we are one people with one goal and one hope”, he concluded.

Supervisor of the Vanguards Region, Mr. Noah Al-Galakh, said:” Some of 40 educational units participate in this annual event which is held within the frame work  of the Baath Vanguards branch, the Education Directorate and the Vanguard Area Committee annual plan.

The exhibition displays various drawings, art forms, mosaic paintings and wonderful environmental models made by our creative students.

They will perform a number of distinctive shows expressing their love for their country and their leader. A number of outstanding students in the fields of music painting, math and foreign languages will be honored.

Director of Endowments,  Sheikh Hossam Al-Masri said: "The Endowments Directorate seeks to participate in all events held in the province. We are proud to attend this event and to celebrate our students’ creativity and encourage them to exert more efforts to develop these  talents, especially as they are the makers of the future and our hope in building the new Syria.

Father Paul Moses said :” What we see today in this forum is a wonderful mosaic painting that includes the various sects of the Syrian people. We are all the sons of this great mother Syria,  Syria that needs our love and attention. The role of the clergy is to  help showing the beautiful image in this peaceful homeland, which is expressed by these children who symbolize  innocence, dream and hope.”

The event was attended by secretary of Baath party branch in Homs, Mr. Musleh Saleh, Homs governor, Mr. Talal Al-Barazi, a number of the People's Assembly members ,Director of Education in Homs Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim, Sheikh Hossam Al Masri Director of Awqaf in  Homs, Director of Publications and Textbooks branch in Homs , Mr. Samir Abbas, Chairman  and members of the Teachers Union branch in Homs, Heads of people’s organizations and vocational associations, a number of Islamic and Christian clergy men and the people of the region .

Amal Farhat  from Homs to the Syria Times e-newspaper