Actress Nadin Khouri One of the Pillars of Syrian Drama

The Arab Cultural Centre at Abou Roumaneh in Damascus recently held dialogue evening with famous Syrian actress "Nadin Khouri" to highlight her eventful career and to honor her as one of the pillars that contributed to the development of the Syrian drama and the country's art life in general.

During the evening, Khoura was awarded by the Ministry of Culture with a certificate of appreciation and a shield of honor for her works over the past forty years during which she starred in140 TV series, 10 movies, and two plays. 

The talented actress Nadin talked about her family, saying "I grew up in Damascus within a family which liked culture and literature and respected dialogue and traditions". "This encouraged me to enter the world of acting. At the age of fifteen, I started working in TV commercial advertisements with my late brother George Lutfi al-Khouri," she added.

 She spoke about her beginnings in drama which started for the first time in 1979 through in the series "Haret al-Sayadeen," directed by Salim Sabri and a series entitled "Nuzhet al-Mushtaq" by the same director. Her experience in comedy was very successful as she starred in different works starting with the famous series "Maraya" (Mirrors) the parts of which were presented from 1982 till 1991 and the scripts of which were written by prominent actor Yaser al-Azmeh.

Khouri pointed out that she played diverse roles in her drama works. She shined in her roles as an the aristocratic woman and although she was young, she acted as a mother and a grandmother. She also played evil roles in many of her works. 

Concerning the Syrian actresses' role in the current circumstances through which the country is passing, Khouri stressed that the duty of Syrian actresses is to present a real image of Syrian woman who has suffered and sacrificed a lot during the terrorist aggression  against their country.

Talking about Khouri's character, Syrian actor and director Salim Sabri said she is very honest and sincere to her works. On their parts, actors Ayman Zeidan, Abbas Nuri and Giyana Eid hailed her humanitarian and cultural values and her commitment and respect to her profession.

Report by Nada Haj Khidr