Syrian Women Artists Celebrate International Women's Day

Under the Patronage of Dr. Najah al-Attar, Vice President, Al-Sayed art gallery recently held an art exhibition entitled "Syrian Women a History and Civilization" marking International Women's Day. The exhibition showcased 30 artistic painting and sculpture works by six women artists.

Artists Nadia Naeem, Sarab Arous, Ghada Haddad, Noha Jabbara, Vivian Sayegh and Lina Dib each presented her own vision on woman using different styles and techniques inspired by different Syrian experiences, ideas and ancient personalities.

 Dr. Ali Al-Qayyim, a researcher, said in a statement to SANA: "This event is a salute to Syrian women, who occupied a great position in society throughout history and since" Ishtar "and "Iana" thousands years ago until now."

"Syrian women were always present in tales and legends as creative spirit and this exhibition embodies the talents of Syrian artists who are keen on following up the Syrian women's creative legacy," he added.

On her part, Ilham Bakir, Director of Al-Sayed Gallery said "Syrian women in the past and at present have been considered as a symbol of the homeland and an example of commitment to principles and values through preserving the civilized identity of their country and through their success in all domains".

 She added that the exhibition presents types of Syrian women in history and at present. It depicts the Syrian women's deep and effective presence in all walks of life within the current difficult era as a representative of the glorious Syrian civilization.

Artist Vivian Sayegh said: "Art is a cultural heritage of every nation and it has the most important role in highlighting the society's identity and civilization. She added that the exhibition depicts women, who are the most important component of human existence, clarifying that the exhibition sheds light on the Syrian women's current situation and their suffering under the terrorist war, which is the worst kind of suffering women may ever face.

 Moreover, artist Nadia Naeem, said: "Syrian women have proudly enhanced their Syrian national identity and presence in all fields," hailing the idea of this exhibition which depicts types of women from history, reality and legend.

The artist added: "the exhibition is a good opportunity to highlight the Syrian women who are present strongly in life despite the difficult circumstances to build up a civilized generation who believes in the Syrian original values and morals and who trusts the country's potentials and elements of civilization.

Nada Haj Khidr