On his participation in the exhibition, Waqqaf said in a statement to SANA: "I made four works entitled : "The Dream", "The Lock"," The Heavy Burden" and "We Are the Way to Arrival".  "The exhibition was a good opportunity to introduce my works to the art lovers in London," and get the audience there acquainted with the Syrian art," he added.

The artist expressed his happiness for being chosen as a Syrian sculptor to display his sculpts in London, because this provided him an opportunity to express his Syrian identity, present the Syrian culture and contribute to consolidating the international artistic movement.

Rami Waqqaf assured that the Syrian art has notable presence in the world, referring to the existence of a lot of the Syrian artists abroad where they can communicate directly with international galleries and exhibit their own works .

Waqqaf noted that being from the fourth generation of Syrian artists, he has the honor to complete the works of leading artists, stressing that the terrorist war against Syria should not stop the message of art in Syria and the world.

Nada Haj Khidr