"Syrian Days" Event in France to Shed Light Events in Syria

PARIS– The “Syrian Days” event will be launched on Saturday in France and will include a number of cultural and art activities, with the aim of conveying the truth about what is happening in Syria to the French people and shedding light on the terrorism affecting Syrians, SANA reported.

The organizer of the Activity, Adnan Azzam, who is a Syrian expatriate and writer living in France, said that all necessary preparations have been completed for carrying out the activity in different cities in France within the framework of “Syria, the World” project.

 He added that Syrian Days will kick off first at Bastille Square in Paris, then it will be held in Marseille city on March 3.

“Syria, the World” is a cultural and intellectual project launched by Azzam last year in order to present the true image of Syria to the world.

The Activity will be a great opportunity for the Syrians and Syria to raise their voices after seven years of absence and exclusion from the French society, Azzam said, affirming that this is a chance to face the disinformation and fabrication disseminated by French media outlets against Syria’s people, its army, and its leadership who are fighting terrorism.

Azzam went on to say that a 48-minute documentary in French tilted “Legend of Syria” which talks about the terrorist threats to which Syria is exposed will be screened during the activity.