Elderly Craftsman Weaves Stories of History, Passion and Love into Wonderful Pieces of Art

ALEPPO–  At his small shop in al-Faid neighborhood in Aleppo city and at his loom, carpet weaver Omer Rawwas masterfully weaves his story of love and passion for this heritage craft into his woven pieces, A report published by SANA said.

Striving to preserve this renowned craft, Rawwas, Abu Baraa, continued his family tradition and spent most of his time behind his wooden loom, weaving various kinds of rugs, carpets and tapestries.

He is one of the few who have realized the importance of saving ancient handmade crafts such as carpet weaving and rug making from extinction and keeping their legacy alive in the hearts of their loyal admirers.

 In a statement to SANA, Abu Baraa said that he had a carpet weaving shop in Khan al-Saboun in the Old City of Aleppo but he was forced to leave it fleeing terrorists’ criminal acts and moved to his current shop.

“This craft requires skill, accuracy, focus and patience and I’m keen on inheriting this ancient craft to my 14-year-old child in order to preserve the profession of our ancestors,” said Rawwas, hoping that the industry of traditional hand-woven carpets regains its past glory.

Rawwas added that his participation in several exhibitions is intended to bring this authentic craft under the spotlight and encourage the future generation to take a look back on their ancestors and know more about this industry.