Syrian-Russian Film 'Palmyra' Presents a Message of Peace that Represents the Syrian People: Actress Sulaf Fawakherji

DAMASCUS, (ST)- In a news conference in Damascus on Sunday, the crew of the Syria-Russian feature film entitled 'Palmyra'  announced the shooting of the movie the filming of which is due to begin in Summer of 2018 in Syria.

The joint film is produced by Syrian Shaghaf Company, which signed the film contract last April with Russian Proline-media company.

The news conference was held in the presence of Russian movie composer and producer Andrey Sigle, owner of Russia's Proline-media, as well as famous Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakherji and actor Wael Ramadan who represent Shaghaf company and who will star in the film. Russian director and scenarist Ivan Bolotnikov and the cameraman were also present in the news conference.

Actress Fawakherji said "preparations for the film started two years ago. In April, 2017, we signed a protocol for cooperation with producer Sigle under the patronage of the Russian Culture Minister to produce the film 'Palmyra' in a bid to enhance Syrian-Russian cooperation and because the Syrian historical city of Palmyra is a world heritage site".

 "The aim of this joint humanitarian artistic project is to present a international artistic work and show its humanitarian dimension through shedding light on some realistic stories which are part of the many stories that took place in Syria over the years of the terrorist war on the country," Fawakherji said.

She added that the film presents a vision that rejects terrorism and sends a message of peace that represents the Syrian people's way of thinking and stresses their love to life, knowledge, work and civilization.

"Despite years of pain, we are still here. The war took many things from us, but it gave us plenty of humanitarian issues to deal with through novels, cinema and theater as to help all, particularly the coming generations, know what is Syria and what happened in this peaceful country," Fawakherji stressed.

On his part, actor Wael Ramadan, said "we wanted to produce an artistic work that lays bridges between us and the world and to present our ideas and problems plus the reality of the unjust war on our country for almost seven years."

Palmyra is an important symbol of steadfastness and it has a key position in the world heritage because it a symbol of strength, resistance and confrontation against foreign invasion, Ramadan added, pointing out that "our Russian friends sees Palmyra as a symbol of civilization, architecture and strength."

The Russian producer Sigle said that "the film enjoys the support of the Russian Culture Ministry. It will be a huge humanitarian cinema work with highly professional capabilities to express the truth of what is going on in Syria through a real story."

According to Sigle, filming will start early in Summer this year in Syria and then the crew will move to Russia so as the film be ready for screening late in 2019 in New York to carry a humanitarian message to the world. He believes that this joint artistic work will serve peace and reduce the opportunities the terrorists may exploit to disseminate their extremist ideas.

Directed Ivan Bolotnikov, on his part, said "during our visit to Syria, we have got a clear and right idea about the country. This is the most important thing for us to present our story better and more realistic ."

The story of the film, through its humanitarian dimension, is a matter of interests to all people worldwide, because it is based on real events that can take place in any part of the world, he added.

The plot of the film revolves around a doctor from the Russian North Caucasus republic of Dagestan, whose life is ruined when his wife flees to Syria taking their young daughters with her to join terrorist groups. The doctor follows his family in order to save them without thinking of the consequences of this move.

Hamda Mustafa