Meeting with Artist

Art in all its forms and kinds means the spirit that can enter our hearts and minds without permission and plants peace inside us.  

Art also serves all life fields (social, economic, entertainment) by showing us the beauty of our homes, offices and streets.

Art has two ways to reach for it (Academicals or God’s gift).

Many Artists who have gifs passed away, affected and still affects our hearts.

We met with one of the artists who had the gift since childhood in drawing and carving, his name is Ali al-Awad born in 1983, graduated from Syrian Tourist Institute. He is a professional in concrete wall paintings of houses and restaurants.

He has more than 100 three dimensions oil and concrete  wall paintings with magnificent mix of colors, size and writings.

He is doing his job using the concrete without drawing, and we all know the difficulty of dealing with it due to the fast solidity.

At the end we only say thanks for everyone who can draw a smile on a face.

Maher Taki


 Here are samples of al-Awad’s art: