A Six-Meter Mural Adorns Wall of Damascus’s Dar al-Salam School

DAMASCUS- Expressing love for homeland and life, the "Rhythm of Life" team has executed a mural on the wall of Dar al-Salam School in Damascus.

This mural is the seventh work of the team on the walls of Damascus city’s schools but it’s different from the rest of the previous paintings in terms of technology, style and voluntary efforts, according to SANA.

 The team, which has been working on the painting for five months, managed to embody the meanings of will, determination and patriotism on the painting which covers six square meters.


The painting is the fourth cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the World Health Organization (WHO). Through this mural, the team tried to bring joy and happiness to the place and to everyone who sees it in order to employ fine arts at the streets of Damascus in a civilized and beautiful manner.