Artistic, Entertainment Activities for Children in Lattakia on Christmas

Celebrating Christmas, the Culture Team For Building Life Skills in Lattakia province held recently an interactive origami art exhibition for children. The event is one of the team's different activities that seek ensuring benefit and entertainment as well as enriching children's talents.

Head of the team, Mrs. Amal Tobal told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that Christmas in Lattakia, like in all over the world, is a religious and cultural festivity that celebrates the Birthday of Jesus Christ, and here the people celebrate the occasion to send a message of peace and amity from Syria, the cradle of civilizations, to the world.

 "Visual art plays a key role in sending out a strong message to the entire world. The most important message is that we, the Syrian, are celebrating and that Syria will rise again and shake off the dust of terrorism and that by our strong will we can be whatever we want," she added.

She clarified that origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. In modern usage the word origami is used as an inclusive term for all folding practices.

Various Origami designs

Mrs. Tobal pointed out that the exhibits feature a variety of ways to make origami intricate designs including the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, flowers, butterflies, birds, vases, plants, ships, architecture designs, cards for all occasions as well as other origami shapes.

According to Mrs. Tobal, the exhibits express the feelings and way of thinking of Syrian children, especially children of martyrs, of the kidnapped and of the displaced people in addition to those staying in makeshift housing centers.

She stressed the importance of this exhibition as being a chance for children to live the joy of festivals, learn patience, accuracy and concentration, tasting the power of colors, using their all senses to make wonderful origami designs in addition to strengthening and consolidating the spirit of cooperation among all children who came from different Syrian provinces.

Mrs. Tobal made it clear that through such exhibitions we encourage the children to promote and develop their talents to become famous artists to deliver a message to the world as the voices of artists reverberate louder than others.

On the sidelines of the exhibition Syriatimes e- newspaper met Sarah Ibrahim, one of the participants in the exhibition and a daughter of a martyr.

Through art we can participate in building- up our country

She said" I am very happy to participate in this exhibition because through art we can participate in rebuilding our country and bring back the smile to our generation"

Sarah added" we should be interested in art, culture, science and all things that make us active and educated builders of our country"

"My father was martyred three years ago in Damascus countryside and I am very proud because he offered his blood to save his beloved Syria," she clarified.

The 14 years old Sarah said she always remember her father's words which say: "love each other, love your country, the land of peace, security, stability and tolerance".

Mohammad Mou'tasem, another participant and one of the displaced children who came with his family from Idleb province to live in Lattakia, said "I am happy to take part in this exhibition because it gives us a chance to express our feelings, experiences and thoughts through art. It is important especially for those who have experienced the atrocities of terrorist groups".

He stressed that the Syrian children are talented, skillful, creative and able to give good examples of work and success.

Mou'tasem hailed the efforts exerted by the Culture Team for Building Life Skills to motivate the children to use their skills fully and effectively with the aim of finding an outlet to overcome the difficult circumstances.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam