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The Sun of Jerusalem and the Invaders' Dreams

When the sun shines, dreams sleep…..Since ancient times, Zionists have dreamed of having a capital for them in Jerusalem but throughout history all their attempts, to recognize the holy city as a capital for their alleged nationalism, have failed.

  In the recent history and since the fateful Balfour Declaration, they have seized every possible opportunity and made desperate attempts toestablishtheir state and to recognize Jerusalem as its capital.Alltheir  attempts failedthanks to steadfastness and resistance of its people and theendless support of some Arabs, Muslims and theChristians all over the world who reject the fact that Jerusalem would be the capital of a racist Jewish state .

Today when they find the force that supports their dream inmaking Jerusalem their capital, I mean the American whichshowed the true face of Zionism in America ,theysatisfied, rejoice and cheer.When Trump announced that he will transfer  his embassy to Jerusalem he clearly admitsthat he had approved one of his fellow Zionists' rights in strengtheningtheir alleged entity in Palestine.

Jerusalem has been for hundreds of years the capital of the divine sanctity that blessed by all the Messengerswould not be the capital of a vagrants' gang who claim that they want to protect the city that represents the Jewish religion, as they pretend.

It is just a dream that can never be achieved as long as there are powers of good and mind in the world that work for the benefit of humanity and to achieve peace on earth.

The Zionist dream, even if it is supported by some Arabs and some of those who are in power in America, will notbe achieved. Jerusalem was and will remain the capital of all the 3 divine religions,the capital of peace and amity and the capital of Palestine, regardless of what Trump of America has said and no matter how much the hands of terrorism try to blur and distorts the facts.

Amal Farhat