Syrian Sculptor Ghaith Daher's Wood Carving Exhibition

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism, the "Hishon" art gallery in Lattakia province recently held an wood carving and sculpture exhibition by Sculptor, Dr. Ghaith Daher.

The exhibition included 13 various artistic works derived from nature and sea environment. These works represent Dr. Daher's first creative and artistic skills. They took him about two years of hard working.

Shedding light on the exhibition, Dr. Daher told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that wood carving is an age-old art, it has been used for many different reasons.

He added many different cultures have used wood carving as an expression of art.

 Asked about his relation with wood carving, Dr. Daher  said "early in my childhood I was fascinated with the idea of carving on wood. My first attempt was when I was a student at the faculty of medicine, then I have decided to develop my hobby and so I did until my dream turned into reality".

He stressed his constant endeavor to develop his tools used in sculpture and his artistic capabilities to display works that cope with the characteristics of up-to-date art.

Dr. Daher expressed his gratitude to Mr. Ahmed Mossa, the owner of "Hishoon" art gallery, for his efforts to elevate the aesthetic sense in the visual culture and introduce true art in Lattakia province.

He added that wood is one of the most essential and important elements in architectural art and a raw material that produces art and beauty when the wood piece is turned into vivid creature.

He stressed that this work (wood carving) often needs high professional imagination in order to give the physical shape with an aesthetic and visual dimension which makes spectators feel  joy.

Dr. Daher said "through my sculpture works I depicted aspects of nature, some figures, ideas and visions," adding that their elements are inspired by human soul contents.

He affirmed his constant quest to develop his artistic sculpture abilities.

Dr. Abdul Kareem al-Hussainny, from the Fine Arts Faculty, highly appreciated Dr. Daher's professional talent and ability to deal with this complex material.

Al-Hussainy added that in his works, Dr. Daher selects from the sea  weeds, fish, boats, stones, waves and the deep stretch of it, pointing out that the artist puts all these elements in harmonic and artful distribution appeared in human and soft lines, close and lovely to the spectators.

Al-Hussainy said he was so glad to see this new and distinctive experience of art movement in Syria and particularly in Lattakia that glows with different activities, covering  literature, poetry and plastic art"

For his part, plastic artist Ali Moqas praised Daher's talent as he has a unique capability represented in controlling the accurate details.

He added that Daher's works are elegant as they are inspired by nature and they express a high knowledge about wood carving.

Sculptor Mohammad Baajoni noted the great efforts put in Dr. Ghaith' works which are characterized by distinguished style as artists don't need to explain the idea because it is clear.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam