Film Depicting Terrorists' Crimes in Syria Screened on Third Day of Syrian Cultural Week in Tunisia

TUNIS, (ST)- The Syrian Cultural Week in Tunisia continued its activities by screening a film depicting the crimes committed by the terrorist organizations against the Syrian people and civilization.

The Tunisian cities of Gabes and Monastir hosted the activities of the third day of the cultural week that included a film on the terrorists' crimes of killing and destruction in Syria in addition to several artistic shows and performances attended by a large number of people who raised the Syrian national flag and chanted phrases glorifying the hero Syrian army.

 Zuheri Ramadan, head of the Artists' Syndicate and leader of Syrian delegation to the Cultural Week, stressed that the Tunisian people's warm  welcome and feelings of amity towards Syria, the Syrian army and President Bashar Al-Assad were not strange because the Tunisians have always supported their brothers in Syria.

"What makes us feel happier was seeing a large number of Tunisians who graduated from the Syrian universities coming to attend the week's activities," Ramadan said, noting the importance of giving special interest to the cultural side and enhancing belongingness being the best way to confront the dangers facing the Arab nation..

The Cultural Week, the first Syrian activity in Tunisia since the beginning of war on Syria in 2011, will continue till October 1st   

Hamda Mustafa