13 Syrian Expatriate Artists Depicts Syrian Heritage in Exhibition in Canada

MONTREAL , (ST)-The  Musée des Maîtres et artisans du Québec (the Museum of Masters and Artisans) of Saint-Laurent in Quebec, Canada, is currently presenting the works of 13 Syrian expatriate artists in an exhibition titled "Visions of Syrian Artists ".

The exhibition was organized by the Syrian Cultural Center in Canada.

The event which is highly welcomed by Canadian audience, includes oil paintings and sculpture works  using different materials and techniques. The  themes of  the artistic works deals   to with the Syrian heritage and old history in addition to modern and contemporary themes.


 Nabil Baitingana, director of the Syrian Cultural Center in Canada, said that the exhibition is  a good opportunity  for Canadian people to recognize artistic skills and techniques of members of the Syrian community in Quebec , adding that the exhibition will continue till the 28th of the next month.

Participating artist Randa Hijazi Said: "The exhibition reflects the Syrian civilization and the ability of our people to spread culture, art , and peace everywhere". She added :"we  are builders of civilization and peace  advocates". "

Painter Hijazi took part with three oil works  representing  the ancient  Syrian civilization and historical heritage including portrayal of Zenobia, the city of Ugarit, and the statue of Nebuuchadnezzar.

 Artists participating in the exhibition  are: Hala Abyad, Hala Bitar, Aboud Haskour, Rabab Aboud, Randa Hijazi, Rok Artin, Yala Shaba, Beki and Dani Aswad, Elsa Marderosian, Nahed Kousa, Sema Hamed, and Boushra Mustafa.