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Mahmoud El - Ajan Institute for Music in Focus

Mahmoud El - Ajan Institute is one of the cultural landmarks that was created in the time of crisis in defiance of terrorism which is trying to obliterate our ancient civilization. It aims to prove to the whole world that our culture is stronger than their bullets ­­­­­and our music is stronger than their ignorance.

The Syria Times visited the Institute in Lattakia and met Mrs. Kauthar Hermelani, the institute director, who said:" The opening of the Institute in 2014, in the midst of the crisis in which the country was living, is a great challenge by the Ministry of Culture to prove that Syria is still the cradle of culture and art. In parallel, two new institutes were opened, namely Abdul Kareem Deeb Institute in Homs and Najeeb Al-Sarraj Institute in Hama. Thus, no injustice, no terrorism, whatever it is, will be able to obliterate Syria's culture and civilization as it is as old as history itself".

Mrs. Hermelani went on to say :" Although it is newly established, the institute has proved a highly and an outstanding professional presence. We started with 122 students within specific classes for learning piano, violin and some Oriental instruments, including lute and zither.

Later, the number of students increased to 450 and  the number of the teachers has also increased leading to a diversity in the musical disciplines that have been taught at the Institute. Over the past three years, we have opened new classes to teach trumpet and dramas.

During 2017, we held a special celebration marking the foundation of the Institute. This was the first professional ceremony of the institute's students.

In parallel with our institute, the Directorate of Musical Institutes and Ballet opened last year a project called "Together for Music". This project is a one-time summer activity.


50 children will benefit from this project. As a result of the great demand for this project in Lattakia.

We have submitted a request to the Minister of Culture in order to continue this experience and make it available to others, more than 50 students, to learn in the same professional academic way.

Talking about the other activities of the Institute, Mrs. Hermelani said: " There is a classic concert for the institute's teachers, the first classical concert held in the province.

We now have an orientation for holding parties outside the province. Thanks to the prestigious position we have reached, What matters to us now is the quality in our choice of our works We have reached a high level of professionalism so we cannot offer lower level work or do less quality works than we used to.

We have developed an educational musical program for our students and their families as well. Where head of each department gives a lecture on a particular musical era, either Eastern or Western.

The lecture includes either playing some musical pieces or watching some of the performances  that define the features of that period.

The support given to us by the Directorate of Music and Ballet has encouraged us to do our best to create a generation of professional musicians who will enriches the original artistic process in Syria.

"It is worth mentioning that the certificate obtained by our graduates enables them to pursue their studies at the Higher Institute of Music. It is also a globally recognized that gives its holder many opportunities to work outside the country," Mrs. Hermelani concluded.

Amal Farhat- from Lattakia to the SyriaTimes