Giant Advertising Newspaper Lit up on Semiramis Hotel’s Facades in Damascus

DAMASCUS- Nizha Logistic Company, in cooperation with the Arab Advertising Organization, on Saturday lit up a giant advertising “newspaper” billboard on the facades of Semiramis Hotel in Damascus, according to SANA.

Director of al-Maktab (Office) Newspaper Project Muhannaed Hayek told SANA in a statement that the newspaper represents a public means for advertising and raising awareness, giving wider space for advertising and services in various vocational, cultural and information domains.

 Hayek noted that the newspaper, which is the first of its kind in the world, shows the creativity and innovation of the Syrians, and that it takes advantage of the strategic position of Semiramis Hotel and its large facades overlooking the center of Damascus area, adding that the newspaper covers 2,000 square meters.

For his part, Director General of the Arab Advertising Organization Wasim Hamzeh considered the launch of the newspaper as a sophisticated advertising achievement and a message to the whole world that the will of life in Syria will triumph.

The newspaper billboard’s content will be updated every three months, featuring color pictures and information about products and services.