Syria Brings Artists Together

Over the past few years, scores of Arab artists have participated in art exhibitions held in Syria to say that they wish the restoration of peace and stability to the country and to show the beauty of the cradle of civilization [Syria] in their works.

One of these exhibitions kicked off Sunday in the cultural center of Homs city under the slogan 'Syria Brings Us Together'.

About 46 Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian artists are taking part in the exhibition organized by the cultural 'Mada' project and the Directorate of Culture in Homs city , which had been cleared of terrorists last May.

 The event aims to revive culture in areas hit by terrorism such as Homs, according to the Director of 'Mada' project Ramez al-Hussien, who indicated that the idea of the project started in Damascus on March, 26, 2017.

"The exhibition includes over 60 art works,"  al-Hussien said, indicating that 'Mada' project seeks to hold 'Syria Brings Us together' exhibition in all cities nationwide.

On her part, member of Executive Bureau in the city Zobaida Jansis declared that the exhibition, which will last till July 27, enhances cultural communication among all spectrums.

"Variety of cultural activities recently held in Homs city prove that the city returned to its normal life," she asserted.

On July 9, Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban said: "I think that recalling ancient Syrian artistic identity is one of the forms of resistance because the ongoing war on the country seeks to eliminate our identity, heritage and civilization." 

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