Fourth Syrian Popular Heritage Festival Concluded

Minister of Culture Mohammad al-Ahmad has underscored that countries, which have deep-rooted culture, such as Syria are target countries, but they will remain steadfast.

 “Culture has played key role in enhancing Syrian people’s steadfastness over the past years,” al-Ahmad said during the opening ceremony of the 4th Syrian popular heritage festival kicked off last Sunday at Khan As'ad Pasha in the old city of Damascus.

 He pointed out that Ministry of Culture works on preserving popular heritage through encouraging traditional handcrafts.

Heritage experts

On his part, Deputy Minister of Culture Ali al-Mobayed said that the festival is one of most important activities being held by the ministry as it honors heritage experts, who disseminate Syrian culture and have made a clear imprint on preserving Syrian heritage.

Director of Popular Heritage within the festival honored the researcher Monir Kayyal, who dedicated his life to documenting Damascene heritage, and Architect Adnan al-Mufti, who rehabilitated ancient buildings, as well as two craftsmen.  

Traditional heritage handicrafts that reflect the amazing diversity in Syria have been badly affectedly by the terror war being waged on the country, so it was necessary to see activities reviving this key sector.

Training courses and festivals  were among the activities held after the immigration and abduction of many craftsmen in order to protect the remaining crafts, whose financial benefits coming from the Arab and foreign tourists.

However, the ongoing terror war on the country and the unjust sanctions being imposed on it forced a lot of people to concern only about their livelihoods.

The 4th Syrian popular heritage festival concluded today amid dissatisfaction with the advertisement campaign for the five-day event.

Several craftsmen took part in the event, exhibiting dozens of art works and photos of popular fashion. But, unfortunately, there were few visitors.

According to some participating craftsmen, who were critical to the event, the opening ceremony was very short. They told the e-Syriatimes newspaper's correspondent that the previous popular heritage festivals were better.

One of the craftsmen criticized the poor advertisement for the festival, noting that more attention should be accorded for such activities. He asserted that the selling of traditional handcrafts will be better after the end of the war on Syria as there will be Arab and foreign tourists.

"A lot of Syrian people are concerned with livelihoods because of the terror war on Syria and the sanctions being imposed on the country for several years," he added.

Despite the difficult circumstances in Syria, the cultural activities have not stopped and preservation of traditional heritage is still a main topic.

Basma Qaddour