Basalt Sculpture Forum in Sweida: Culture of Life and Beauty vs Culture of Death and Terrorism

SWEIDA- The Second Central Basalt Sculpture Forum currently held in Sweida province  represents an artistic message which expresses the Syrians' abilities and insistence  on presenting  the culture of life, beauty and innovation in the face of the culture of death,  killing, destruction and terrorism.

The event, in which 11 sculptors from different Syrian provinces  are taking part, is held by  the education directorate in Sweida in cooperation with the fine Art Institute in the province. It is due to last till 26-July.

 The  forum is  an artistic manifestation aiming to highlight importance of basalt stone of which Sweida province is famous and the characteristics of which encourages the artistic work.

The forum is an opportunity for the participating  sculptors to exchange their expertise, enhance their experiences and show their innovative skills in producing distinguished sculptures of basalt, Which  enriches the artistic condition in Sweida  province.

Executive director of the forum, sculptor Mohammad Jodeyya, pointed  out  that  the forum constitutes a wide area  for the sculptors to deal with the hard basalt stone in accordance with sculpture standards, thereby boosting their expertise and benefiting from each other's experiences.

The sculptors participating in the forum clarified that the event becomes an annual tradition  which contributes to deepening the sculptors' expertise and abilities.

They pointed out that their participation in regional and  international forums and exhibitions enhance their artistic abilities in dealing with noble material like basalt stone and develop other techniques used in the art of sculpture.

The participants stressed that dealing with basalt provides the opportunity to sculptors to produce sculpture works that are very close to reality.

Some sculptors made it clear that their participation in local and international exhibitions and forums increased their artistic abilities in dealing with Basalt stone .

They stressed that their participation in the forum allowed them to deal with basalt and develop the techniques used in dealing with other raw materials .

Rawaa Ghanam