Shaaban: Recall of Ancient Syrian Artistic Identity is a Form of Resistance

Around 43 Syrian artists from all provinces have gathered in an exhibition opened Saturday evening in Alefnoon Gallery in Damascus.

The exhibition, which will last till July 20th, includes plastic art paintings, sculpture works, classic calligraphy and modern digital art, according to the state-run Tishreen newspaper [in Arabic].

The paper quoted the Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban as saying that she is happy to attend the exhibition in which 43 artists from all Syrian provinces, including Raqqa and Der Ezzour provinces, came together to present their art works.

 "I think that recalling such ancient Syrian artistic identity is one of the forms of resistance because the ongoing war on the country seeks to eliminate our identity, heritage and civilization," Shaaban added, asserting that the those artists, who gathered to express their love for Syria, are waging artistic and political war.

"Syria is immune to occupation and aggression. It always works for a better future for the whole region," she affirmed.

On his part, Director of the gallery Bade'a Jahjah said: "We hope that all the Syrian people will agree on terms of beauty in the light of successive victories being realized by Syrian Arab army.

The terms of beauty are summarized in Jahjah's phrase: "Bridge of basil grows between love and right."

Basma Qaddour