Visual Artist Mixes Syrian Civilization with Modernity

He mixes between civilized heritage of Syrian art and modernity in order to produce a modern  artwork with deep composition that reflects events taking place in Syria.

The Syrian visual artist Ghassan Akel whose hometown is Der Ezzour province told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA): "My painting reflects the reality I live in. Sometimes, my colors are black, but I use sunrise because I am the son of the country of sun."

 He added that crises produce enormous creative capabilities inside artist as he sees repercussions of things, pointing out that his artworks depict effects of war on Syria through spontaneous drawing, which is far away from details.

"The crisis we are going through has made Syrian visual artist resistant to all forms of cultural and intellectual invasion of his/her country," Akel said, affirming that Syrian visual artist depicts Syrian civilization and leaves beautiful impression all over the world.

The artist underlined that public cultural institutes play key role in the development of art in Syria through attaching great importance to young talents and supporting their projects.

"Syria is an exporter of world art and culture as it has creative human power," Akel concluded.

Basma Qaddour